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The CEYCAT formula is matched perfectly for a comfortable and spacious layout, with a reduced carbon footprint in design and manufacturing. Concept ideas steer toward a certain design that is needed in the market.

These concepts look to identify areas of potential for future builds, and this is where CEYCATs design and boat building teams are able to combine efforts that ensure architectural and structural together to come up with the best design.

Sail Lanka Yachting Group specializes in:

– Tropical Climate Catamarans
– Comfort matched with Performance
– Infused Fiberglass Technology
– Highly customizable catamarans

All our catamarans are available in sail and power versions.

“Our CEYCAT formula is the perfect match for a comfortable and spacious layout, but also the reduced carbon footprint. With the industry evolving to greener solutions, there is a lot of time spent discussing being cleaner on the water. Therefore, the batteries during travel and mooring are recharged from solar panels located along the top deck roof, which results in eco-friendly boat design. But the drive for a greener future doesn’t stop there and the company is embracing concepts and identifying principles for future builds, where the design and boat building teams can combine efforts that results in the perfect design.”

Pierre Pringiers, Founder & CEO of Sail Lanka Yachting Group.


With CeyCats large range, sustainability is always at the forefront, merging both comfort and performance from 53 to 55 feet, our range is highly customizable.

CeyCat 53 range is available in 4 and 6 cabin versions with the option of adding options such as a jetski launcher, kayak/SUP storage, bar area and much more.


New project under development. We decided to redesign the accommodation and self-isolation requirements onboard to incorporate Covid-19, by considering this we adjusted our production mold in such a way to facilitate space onboard. CeyCat 55 new design mold has already started, to ensure all imperatives are met.

Launching in 2021, CeyCat 55 – 8C

CEYCAT 53 – Guided Tour

CEYCAT 53 – Virtual Tour